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The Emergence of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a way of financing arrangement to meet the immediate need of the consumer, it is also called a point-of-sale installment loan. The BNPL financing arrangement is a quick way for people to fulfill their demands, whilst making payments over the period. BNPL enhances the purchasing power of the individual, […]
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Peer-to-peer lending is like the new kid on the block which has taken the financial world by storm in recent years. For what seems to be risky from the outside, peer-to-peer lending is much safer than many of us seem to think so. During the past decade or two, we have seen the growth of […]
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Custom Fit Web Design vs. Website Templates

Custom Fit Web Design vs. Website Templates

Your website is a powerful communication platform that allows you to market your brand 24/7 and connect with clients from across locations. However, not all sites guarantee your desired return on investment (ROI). The primary consideration is choosing between a website template and a custom design website. A website template is a pre-made web design that allows […]
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Advantages of Hiring a Company That Specializes in Custom Web Design

Hire a Company That Specializes in Custom Web Design

Hiring a company that specializes in custom web design is highly recommended when you are building an online presence of your business and you want to stand out from your current and prospective competition. In addition to working with platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce, professionals who specialize in custom web design are also well-versed […]
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